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5 Year Warranty on Steel Doors and Steel Related Products

As of July 1st 2015 Page Security Doors is now able to provide a genuine 5 year warranty on its steel doors and steel related products. This warranty covers the fabrication of the product itself and the powder coated finish to the product. Terms and conditions apply (see below).

Most other providers in the industry offer a 1 year warranty and then exclude many potential problems in the fine print… (Such as offering a 10 year warranty – but when you read the fine print you find out that the zinc plating, hot dip galvanising and powder coating is only covered for 1 year!) Note: Read the fine print.

Our steel products are powder coated using Duralloy powder coating products by Dulux. The Duralloy product is the primary powder coat used in the industry for residential purposes. Dulux also provide powder coating products that are designed more for commercial usage and as such these commercial grade products come with a longer warranty period.

NB Important: Customers must take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of all products purchased through Page Doors. Page strongly recommends that all steel doors and related products are washed down with warm water and a small amount of gentle washing liquid/soap, then rinsed thoroughly and dried on a regular basis (at least once every 2 months). Page recommends the lubrication of the hinges and locks with a dry powder lubricant.

Dulux (powder coatings) recommend a cleaning regime for products that are situated in a hazardous environment (eg: direct exposure to salt spray) are to be cleaned and the powder coated surface inspected at least once every month.

A powder coated steel surface is generally porous. Therefore if your product is not cleaned regularly, any dust on the product will act as a barrier, and then any moisture sitting on it will then not evaporate. If the moisture is not able to evaporate, it will eventually permeate through the powder coating and cause damage / rust of your product. This is why we recommend a cleaning regime of at least once every 3 months.

No warranty applies to accidental or intentional damage, including damage to any mesh and or insect screens.

Irregularities caused due to building/house movement is also specifically excluded from the manufacturers warranty.

The 5 year warranty period commences from the date of installation.

The Lockwood 8654 and 8653 handle and lock sets used by Page Security Doors come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. Should your Lockwood lock fail and it is assessed that it is a fault with the product, we will replace the lock at no cost to you the client. Handles and face plates powder coated afterwards (not by Lockwood) may void this warranty.

Lockwood, Whitco and Austral pneumatic door closers fitted to steel doors are provided without a warranty. As the door closers are only rated to a maximum of 21-23kg’s, the manufacturers (AssaAbloy & Gainsborough) will not provide a warranty as many of our steel security doors weigh more than the manufacturers rated limit. On a lighter aluminum door such as a Prowler Proof® door, the warranty will be upheld as these doors are lighter than steel doors.

A specific warranty card is supplied with all “Prowler Proof®” purchases and outlines the warranty conditions. A 10 year replacement warranty applies to all “Prowler Proof®” products.

For specific warranty details on “Prowler Proof®”, “Phantom Screens”,
“Brio” & “Bi Fold”
 screen products please go to their individual web sites (where applicable) for complete details.

Specifications: Due to ongoing upgrading, and availability of materials such as rosettes, scrolls and even specific door design specifications may change or be cancelled without notice.

If you have a concern about any product purchased from Page, please contact our office and we will review the problem in a professional and timely manner. Under Australian Consumer laws – consumers have rights and obligations. At Page Doors & Blinds we acknowledge and respect these laws and abide by them. Please retain your quote and any invoices provided to you for future reference if required.

Page Security Doors Satisfaction Guarantee.

Not only do we offer an industry leading warranty on our products, Page Doors & Blinds offers all of our clients a satisfaction guarantee. As mentioned in our “About” page, we work very hard to ensure that our clients are happy with not only the product they receive but with our service during and after they purchase a Page Doors and Blinds product.

By guaranteeing our service we become even more accountable, which forces us to ensure that your experience in dealing with Page Doors & Blinds is always a pleasant and professional experience.

Should you find that our service or your experience dealing with Page is less than you expected, (for what ever reason) we invite you to write to our Managing Director at outlining your dissatisfaction, at which time your concerns will be personally dealt with by our director, who will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your grievance is dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Each complaint will be dealt with on an individual basis and our goal is to ensure that the outcome is to the satisfaction of the client in the first instance and that the resolution is fair and reasonable to all parties involved. Please also keep in mind that under retail laws in Australia, the consumer has significant rights and the retailer has a duty to observe and adhere to the rights of the purchaser under the relevant laws.