Diamond Grille



Featuring a fully welded flat aluminium frame. Stronger and great looking with no concave or convex ridges in it – like all other aluminium frames. It’s the best looking aluminium security door frame in Australia.

The welded diamond grille is literally welded to the fully welded frame providing extra strength and durability. Frame and Diamond Grille are in the same colour.

The “Snaplock” Diamond Grille comes in black with your choice of colour for the welded frame.

Diamond Grille doors come standard with fibre glass mesh. Perfect for air flow and keeping insects at bay.

A choice of either the Whitco Tasman single security lock or the Lockwood 8654 triple lock provides outstanding security and easy to use functionality. Both locks come with the important snib function.

A choice of over 300 colours available via the Dulux Duraloy and Interpon colour ranges. That’s a huge range to choose from and Prowler Proof is one of only 9 registered Qualicoat applicators in Australia and the only one in the security door industry.

All Prowler Proof products are made exclusively by Prowler Proof. The Prowler Proof factory is a “Probe” rated world class manufacturing facility. They are not made under license by a second tier manufacturer.