At Page Doors & Blinds We Have A Simple Business Philosophy – We Strive For Happy And Satisfied Clients

“Sounds simple doesn’t it. However to ensure you have happy clients means you have to listen, observe and deliver a first class product and outstanding service. Not always an easy task but one we take very seriously as our reputation demands that we go above and beyond in the pursuit of satisfied cleints.

Previously my twenty six years in the real estate industry was a good training ground on many levels. Prior to that I developed a flair for fashion and a good eye for colour in the manufacturing and retail clothing industry. And today our small and personal business embodies many of the lessons learnt over a diverse and enjoyable career.

When I purchased Page Doors 10 years ago, they only sold steel doors. Today the product range is extensive covering steel security doors, window grilles and porch enclosures, aluminium screen doors, the full Prowler Proof security products range, roller blinds, awnings, plantation shutters, Phantom screens, and Brio pleated screens for Bi-fold doors.

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“Creating customer satisfaction and striving to earn a client’s respect and loyalty however is something that was not taught at University. Years of experience in sales and marketing roles over a number of different industries helped in developing the required skill set. At Page Doors & Blinds we have a simple business philosophy – our whole focus is on ensuring we just have happy and satisfied clients. This sounds simplistic but in today’s fast pace and hectic world it is one of our greatest challenges. Attention to detail, honesty, integrity and a laugh or two along the way are all vital for a complete and enjoyable customer experience”.

Tim Reynolds B.Bus.(Prop)


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